The New Movement
'Resistenza Culturale' 3CDr (#10) (private)
Handmade 3-way box covered with concrete paint and collages.
Pro printed CDr labels.
Handmade 4-panel booklet/insert.
1200 SEK + p&p

From release:
"There is nothing more pointless - and absurd - than being listened to."
(c) (p) TNM 2018
Special thanks to Kai Itou & Richard Rupenus
In memory of Marco Corbelli...
All material recorded 2015 - 2018'
There is also a #1/1 copy existising with a lot of additional material in a handmade oversized wooden box with several handmade artworks, inserts. This copy was not available for sale, but was given as a gift to the 100th supporter of Obskyr Records, the announcement was made on Twitter september 2018.

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reSisTeNzA CuLtURaLe

'The New Movement's 'Resistenza Culturale' is like when Milan Knížák's 'Broken Music' (Multhipla Records, 1979) meets The New Blockaders 'Untitled' anti-LP (private, 1982) and have a hybrid baby with the love for Atrax Morgue (I totally understand why the album is dedicated to Marco Corbelli). Heavy, loud noises from concrete coated records, with a electronic feedback that will blow your speakers... and probably even your ear-drum, it is not stated on cover or in the notes, but please listen with due caution, this is a sonic assault like no other, this is The New Movement, hats of and bow to the newest creation... mmmh, perhaps destruction(?) from the nihilists(?) of Sweden, 'reSisTeNzA CuLtURaLe'.
- J.L. Auberjonois

1-1. Niente Musica

1-2. Rotto Disco

1-3. Niente Musica (Reprise)

2-1. Opus X 1.1

2-2. Opus X 1.2

2-3. Opus X 1.3

2-4. Opus X 1.4

2-5. Opus X 2.0

2-6. Opus X 2.X

2-7. Opus X 2.1

2-8. Opus X 2.2

2-9. Opus X 2.3

2-10. Opus X 2.4

2-11. Opus X 3.0

2-12. Opus X 4.0

2-13. Opus X 5.1

2-14. Opus X 6.X

3-1. Resistenza Culturale

3-2. Rotto Disco (Reprise)

3-3. TNM é Morto

3-4. Fine

Photo by (c) Baby R.L. TNM Live @ Fylkingen 2018.
Photo by (c) Baby R.L. TNM Live @ Fylkingen 2018.