The New Movement are proud to present the new website up and running and below follows is a list of imminent titles and titles in stock for order.

The New Movement
'Antihilation' cassette (#50)
Obskyr Records - OB029
200 SEK + p&p

Still available:
Courtis with The New Movement
'Public Demise' s/sided LP (#50)
220 SEK + p&p (alt. special edition #10, 1000 SEK + p&p)

The New Blockaders + The New Movement
'Man's Usefulness Ends Not In Death' LP (#100)
250 SEK + p&p

The New Movement
'Theory Of Nothing' LP (#100)
320 SEK + p&p
Very few copies left!

GX Jupitter-Larsen & The New Movement
'Nowhere' LP (#100)
250 SEK  + p&p

The New Movement
'Gebrauchsnichtmusik' 7" Lathe Cut (#10)
1000 SEK + p&p

The Blockaders + Kommissar Hjuler + The New Movement + KH12 + GX Jupitter-Larsen
'Object Box' 5xLP + 7" Lathe Cut + CDr + boxset (#9)
1500 SEK + p&p

The New Movement
'Kopfreinigung Schläger' cassette (#150)
50 SEK + p&p

K.T. Reeder & Mama Baer with The New Movement
'Car Crash Jazz' b/card CDr
50 SEK + p&p

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Obskyr Records release of TNM 'Antihilation' is imminent, a cassette that includes four tracks recorded live at Things That Go Bumb In The Night (At The Museum), Van Eyck Academy, Maastricht, The Netherlands. The night was curated by friend and collaborator Rod Summers.
The A side, 'Kunst Ist Nichts' is a piece recorded without audience, the B side includes both recordings with audience attending and without. 'Vi Får, Hvad Du Fortjener!' is inspired by Kierkegaard and was first intended to be released on Bad Summer Records as part of a compilation boxset 'Utiliser Le Désespoir!', but for whatever reasons the boxset never saw the light of day and was decided to be included on this cassette instead. Track B2 'Protest Gegen Alles' is a sonic assault against everything and nothing, in the true 'spirit' of anti-music, the title track 'Antihilation' is the main 'act' on this cassette, recorded in front of audience and live streamed by Rod on Facebook during the night. 

A1. Kunst Ist Nichts

B1. Vi Får, Hvad Du Fortjener!

B2. Protest Gegen Alles

B3. Antihilation (A Poem For Nihilism Now!)