Inspired by anti-'artists' like Marcel Duchamp, Luigi Russolo and The New Blockaders the group emerged from the intention to create a new form of anti-art with a nostalgic feeling but soon moved further into the 'philosophy of nothing' and they wrote the manifesto 'X' even before they ever recorded something in the name of The New Movement. With their manifesto TNM 'stand their ground' to reject and destroy everything for their 'philosophy of nothing' and to be pointless as their weapon of choice.



The New Movement
'Resistenza Culturale' 3CDr (#10) (private)
Handmade 3-way box covered with concrete paint and collages.
Pro printed CDr labels.
Handmade 4-panel booklet/insert.
1200 SEK + p&p



The New Movement are proud to present the new website up and running and below follows is a list of imminent titles and titles in stock for order.